Fuel Buying Group


Since 2010 the Rootswork Fuel Group offers it’s members fuel cost savings by negotiating a fixed margin charge over a transparent (verifiable) wholesale fuel cost, saving it’s members money while also encouraging further savings through energy conservation. Membership dues are entirely used to benefit our community programs and cover the administrative costs of the Fuel Group. Rootswork is a 501c3 Non Profit.

Update June 5th 2017

NEW Information about the 2017-18 fuel buying group and how to sign up is available below for download. 

But first!

Here is a snapshot of the relatively current wholesale prices* at the distribution points (Selkirk and Valero) that we monitor,  and the margins or mark-up that will be charged by our suppliers over these wholesale prices for this heating season , depending on the amount of fuel you use per year:

Snapshot of current wholesale prices* for reference:

(updated once / week*)

(FYI Selkirk and Valero are wholesale distribution points)

As of June 1, 2017, Selkirk Propane was $0.82

As of June 6, 2017 Valero #2 heating oil was $1.44

As of June 6, 2017 Kerosene Rack price was $1.80

Margins charged over wholesale for 2017-18 Rootswork Members

2017-18 Suburban Margins over Selkirk Propane & Valero Oil Wholesale Price

Your Fuel Price depending on your annual usage:

0-399 gallons = Selkirk* plus $1.25 per gallon

400-899 gallons = Selkirk* plus $0.85 per gallon

900 gallons or more = Selkirk* plus $0.75 per gallon

2017-18 Irving Margins over selkirk Propane and Valero Oil Wholesale Price

Pricing of Propane is based on your Annual Usage, according to the following schedule:

0-500 gallons Selkirk plus $1.14 per gallon

500-1000 gallons Selkirk plus $0.80 per gallon

1001-1500 gallons  Selkirk plus $0.70 per gallon


The Fuel Group is open for membership renewals and new member sign-ups on July 1st when the new 2017-18 Fuel Group membership year starts.

NEW developments this 2017-18 season

1) Suburban Fuel is only accepting NEW Rootswork members from the Towns of Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston and Moretown. Members in good standing as of the previous 2016-17 season from other towns will continue to Receive Rootswork Pricing as long as they maintain their Rootswork membership and their good credit rating with Suburban.

  1. 2)Suburban and Irving Margin rates have changed. See table Above.

  2. 3)Both Suppliers offer incentives for signing-up. Please contact them for the details

  3. 4)No Re-billing by our suppliers for deliveries made before your membership is active for this 2017-18 season.  Please make sure to allow 10 days before your first anticipated fuel delivery to guarantee our Rootwork Fuel Group Price

If you have been a member this past 2016-17 year , you are still covered by our program until June 30th.

Please remember everyone must fill out the New 2017-18 membership and fuel group forms to renew their memberships for the new year.

Below is our general information document, the Rootswork membership and Fuel Group sign up forms, and two dealer information sheets - one for Suburban Propane and one  for Irving Energy,    

Sign up information will also be available soon in the lobby of the East Warren Schoolhouse soon.  Please read all material before calling or emailing.  If you do need additional info please email fuel@rootswork.org  or call 496-2474 and leave a message.  Someone will get back to you within 2 days.

2017-2018 Form Downloads:

( four (4) forms available)

Rootswork Membership and Fuel Application Form

2017-18_Rootswork Membership and Fuel Buying Group Form_Ver.06.22.17.pdf

General Information about the program:

2017SummaryRootswork Members FUEL Buying Group6.3.17.pdf

Information about Suburban Propane & Oil Offers:

NOTE: New Suburban sign-ups are limited to

Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, & Moretown Delivery Addresses

Current Members from other towns are grandfathered as long as their memberships don’t lapse


Information about The Irving Propane & Oil Offers:


Please print the application forms (above) and complete, scan and email it to fuel@rootswork.org,

or alternatively drop it off in the box in the entry of the East Warren Schoolhouse.

You can also mail them to Rootswork, PO Box 31, Warren VT, 05674, but using the US Postal Service will delay the processing of your application by at least a week.

Your potential fuel price under our program can be approximated by going to this webpage and adding the appropriate markup for your fuel volume usage *. We will try to post these prices by Friday each week.

These prices should be close , but will not necessarily exactly correspond to your base price (before adding your margin) that will be used by your supplier to determine your final price. If you think the price you are charged is in error , please contact your supplier

Please read them all before asking questions about the program. Most questions are answered in the information provided above.

Meanwhile if you have been a member for this past heating season you can buy your fuel at last season’s margins until June 30th.

Click here to read a letter from the Rootswork Board on how to slow global warming and save even more money by conserving fuel, while you enjoy the saving power of our bulk-buy fuel program.